Because It's Much Cooler on TV, Damnit

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For starters let me just say that I'm well aware of how spoiled I am when it comes to human interaction. Whether it's because of my face or my personality, I don't know but people generally like me. In fact, I've become well-accustomed to being quite loved by most everyone. This is great for the most part except when it's not. And when it's not, is right now. Because for someone like me, who isn't used to rejection, being rejected really sucks. A lot.
That being said, I was fired today. Fired. And one of the main reasons for this firing was what? Because Baroness Bomburst "didn't get warm and fuzzies" from me. No. Seriously. She repeated that several times. Apparently we "just don't connect." That being said, the main reason for my firing was this. I used her computer. I used her computer when she wasn't home to do the following: print coloring pages for Jeremy, the boy, check my e-mail, look something up on mapquest, and idly look at pictures of my Buddha that I had on Flickr. Now, as I told her, several times mind you, it was out of line for me not to ask. I will say that the former nanny had used it on several occasions and I hadn't realized it was a big deal, however that's no excuse. I definitely should have asked permission. In any event, that was "the straw that broke the camel's back" apparently. Turns out that the computer usage, coupled with the lack of "warm and fuzzies" in addition to my supposed "lack of initiative" was enough to sack me after two weeks of working for them. The initiative thing really bugs me because damnit if I haven't been trying as hard as I can to try and prove myself. I really truly, have. In any event, she's "very disappointed" in me and my "performance" as the nanny which "is a shame because (she) had such high hopes for (me) especially with my background." This mantra, too, was repeated several times. All in all, she basically kicked me in the teeth and told me that I should look for another job, "if (I) haven't already started" which she assumed I already had. I also got the impression that this wasn't a sudden decision. It seemed that she had been waiting, all week, for something concrete to be able to fire me. Otherwise she wouldn't have withheld the expense check for the children, which I was supposed to have gotten at the beginning of the week. Anyway, I gave her my keys back and said goobye to the children. This is the part that really pissed me off. I went to hug Jemima and said goodbye, to which she responded "No, don't leave. You can sleep downstairs." This is the same child that I was accused of "not connecting with" which was yet another reason for the firing. I was lectured on Wednesday about my inability to connect with Gemima. But that's a whole other bowl of bullshit. Jeremy tackled me when I kneeled down to say goobye and gave me a kiss as I left. They have no idea they'll never see me again. I'm sorry for them because in the last two weeks that I've known them, they have been nothing but affectionate, bright, energetic, albeit spoiled children and they don't deserve to be treated this way.
I hope she knows what she's in for, taking responsibility for her own children like this. I'm not sure she knows what she's getting herself into by raising them herself. It's not as though she's ever done it before.
In any event, I'm trying very hard not to take this personally. We didn't connect and a few months down the road I may just have quit anyway, so maybe she did us both a favor. Still, it hurts a bit.
And finally, I have to wonder if Baron Bomurst's friendliness towards me had anything do with this sudden firing. I think, in a way, it would hurt a little less to know that it wasn't something I did wrong but, whatever. Either way it's over. I have a lot of thinking to do this weekend. I don't know if I want to go home or not. Man this growing up thing sucks.

10 Responses to “Because It's Much Cooler on TV, Damnit”

  1. Anonymous MaryP 

    Your comment box is acting rather strangely. Perhaps it won't be in a couple of hours, but I thought you might like to know. On the last post, I couldn't find it at all; this time, the name and website slots were filled with code that I simply wrote over. I hope this takes!

    Okay, administrivia over. THEY FIRED YOU? TWO WEEKS IN? For such a trivial reason? All right, I can see a reprimand (lord knows, they're good at those) but FIRING YOU? Did she really say "warm and fuzzy?" Really? What does this woman know about warm fuzzies? Oh, I get it: they're something nannies give her; they're not something she's required to give anyone else in the human race. Eesh.

    And now she's really going to try the mommy thing full time? Well, good luck to her.

    I wonder what their last nanny thought of them, really.

    Those poor kids.

  2. Anonymous shel 

    it's not you, it's them. truly. i know that sounds cliche, but it sounds like they have some issues that need resolving.

    why was the previous nanny leaving?

    this just means that there is another family out there just waiting for you to come and sweep them off their feet. good vibes going your way! don't let the snoots get you down!!!

  3. Anonymous Louise 

    hi there,

    Uuugggghhhh these New York families have serious problems.
    They lost a good thing and it is their loss. After all you have gone through, relocating, your car, etc.
    I know what you are going through, because something similar to this happened to me when I first came to NYC. I wasnt fired, but I should have quit. I worked with a selfish, cheap, privilaged manhattanite and it was hell. I still get cramps just thinking about it. The funny thing now is that when I see her on the stree ( 7 years later) she hugs me and talks to me as if I were her best friend...which makers me want to bite her nose. but oh well, what Iu am really trying to say are better off. If you need to find a job in nyc,go to the many nanny agencies, they would love to have you. You will earn a ton of money and you will be covered by the agency.
    They are having a nanny shortage now, so this is a good time to go!

  4. Anonymous rebecca 

    Hey, I tried to leave a comment on an earlier post, but it wouldn't let me. And now I can't see anything I'm typing - it just looks blank, although the cursor is moving. So please excuse what I'm sure are many typos.

    Anyway, that sucks. Big time. Two agencies I had good luck with (if you want to try that route) were The Nanny Authority (ask to work with Pat) and the Philadelphia Nanny Network (but ONLY if you work with Wendy).

    Those parents are -- you know. Words I don't want to type in a comment box to a total stranger. There are better families out there, for SURE. If you ever want to chat about stuff (I know the hell of job hunting), just drop me an email - my address is on my blog.

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