Clicking My Shoes Together

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Well, it looks like I'll be back home in two weeks. My mom is flying in on the 11th and we're going to drive all those thousands of miles, yet again.
I'm actually very much okay with all of this. It was a good learning experience. I took a chance and I gave it my best shot. I wouldn't take it back. I mean, I wouldn't repeat it either, but I wouldn't take it back. That whole cliche about everything teaches you a lesson actually kind of applies here because I definitely learned a few things about the world and about myself. I learned I'm stronger than I thought I was and much more resilient. And in the end, I'm no worse for the wear. In fact, I'm kind of better. I get to go home and spend time with all my moonbeams that I missed dreadfully and I now appreciate their parents so much more than I ever could have if I hadn't gone through this. Mrs. P (and I feel that I really should change her name now) has the appeal of an ice cream sandwich since having to deal with Baroness Bomburst. So I'll be home in time for Buddha's first birthday later this month and hopefully things will turn out just fine. In the meantime, I have a week to have some fun and relax. Getting fired's not so bad afterall.

3 Responses to “Clicking My Shoes Together”

  1. Anonymous gnarlynanny 

    hey i can comment on your blog now! for some reason my typing is coming out white against the white background... but i'll take what i can get. please bear with me for misteakes.
    so glad you're going home! i have been worrying about you.

  2. Anonymous MaryPbhimom=2250774725m 

    This white on white is very weird. We'll see how good my touch typing is...

    So, do you get to go back to your old job, then? Glad you're out of that weird place!

  3. Anonymous nanny Louise 

    Love the HWite on white.
    Freaky and fabulous.
    glad you are happy and through with that bitch of a baroness

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